Stream Restoration

Funding Sources and Solutions for Stream Restoration

Many streams in Pennsylvania are rapidly changing and becoming impaired as we increase storm water runoff through land development and the removal of our stream side woodlands. These actions change the landscape, having the potential to permanently change the local environment if best management practices to maintain the historical lay-out are not put in place.

If care is not given to the needs of our water ways, this increase in storm water runoff and runoff velocity may lead to stream bank erosion, loss of fish habitat and stream migration. This process causes property damage and a reduction of biodiversity.

Is stream bank erosion negatively impacting waterways in your Pennsylvania neighborhood?

See the below list of funding resources which can help you address stream bank erosion, fish habitat loss and stream channel migration in your communities:

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

CREP is a voluntary conservation program which rewards producers and landowners for installing conservation practices on their land. Any producer or landowner can enroll in CREP, which is available for eligible marginal cropland, pastureland and land along non-forested streams. For more information about available funding and how to apply to participate in the program, visit

Growing Greener Grant Program

The purpose of the state-funded Growing Greener Grant Program is to implement local, watershed-based planning, restoration and protection efforts to improve the quality of Pennsylvania’s water resources. Learn more about eligibility, the yearly grant round and submission requirements for these grants, at

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)

For a listing of various grants available through NFWF to support stream restoration efforts, visit

Resource Enhancement Grants

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has a number of grant programs that provide funding in support of fishing, boating and aquatic resource conservation.

A list of the major grant programs can be found at Click on the individual program links for specific information regarding available funding.

Watershed Restoration Grants Program

One of the principal goals of the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP), administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority, is to restore and maintain restored stream reaches through the implementation of urban storm water reduction and infiltration practices. Projects which involve the construction, improvement, expansion, repair, maintenance or rehabilitation of new or existing urban storm water reduction and infiltration practices are considered for funding. Eligible groups include municipalities, Councils of Governments, institutions of higher education, watershed organizations, and for-profit businesses. For more information, visit